US Services

Throughout North America, Vivaleas delivers products and services to assist with launching and managing complex medications, often in limited distribution channels that support pharmaceutical manufacturers, payors, providers and most importantly, patients.


Bringing innovative therapies to patients is the goal of every Pharmaceutical Manufacturer. 

Navigating the labyrinth of distribution, support and reimbursement choices is the challenge for every new medication launch. Vivaleas offers services and products that deliver clarity and guidance needed by manufacturers to bring these life-changing therapies to market.


Accessing quality care for members is the goal of every Payor. 

Keeping abreast of the latest complex drug therapies is a constant challenge. Vivaleas provides clinically driven, comparative value analyses on complex and specialty therapies to assure and support Payors in their commitment to providing quality care to their members.


Providers today are inundated with a myriad of challenges when they order the latest clinical therapies for their patients. 

Sourcing access to newly approved, state-of-the-art medications represents a significant hurdle for every prescriber. Programs designed by Vivaleas ease patient quick start enrollment and alleviate the financial confusion that can often lead to avoidable non-compliance and adverse outcomes.


We understand that no one has chosen to be a patient. 

We all aspire to live a full and rewarding life, yet sometimes we face challenging times in which our strength, our hope and our health are at risk. As we walk through such moments, support is essential.

Our aim is to provide services that support patients during their health care journey. Vivaleas designs and implements medication access programs designed to educate, empower and facilitate the availability of new, complex and beneficial therapies.